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Dean's Rules

You're the real MVPs

We love providing monthly pints to our valued subscribers. Whether you're the type of subscriber to cycle through the menu and try all the flavors, or the type to stick with your favorites every month, we're here to cater to your preferences with the highest quality ice cream, service, and overall experience every month.

What to expect every month:

1. Fresh, creamy pints!

2. Scheduled text messages to coordinate your next month's flavors, pickups, and deliveries.

3. Email invoices for your payments

Outlined below is everything you need to know about your subscription - if you have any questions please reach out to

Pickup and Delivery Schedules


Pickups will be coordinated via text (unless you prefer email communication). There are no store hours - we'll schedule the pickup for whenever works best for you!


Our delivery drivers visit each Bay Area region every 2-3 weeks. This means that no matter when your subscription starts or your next month's pints are ready, we'll be in your area pretty soon! When we contact you to choose your next pints, we'll also give you a heads up on when to expect your delivery.

Payment Information

Upon checkout, you will pay for your first month's subscription and you'll receive an email receipt. For following months, you will be automatically billed on the same day using the same credit/debit card, and will receive an email invoice for those as well.

Deferring/Pausing Policy

We have a deferral policy of 1 month at a time. This means that you can skip one month of your subscription at a time. We understand if you have some leftover ice cream or simply want to wait a month before receiving your next pints. If you have already been auto-billed for that month and want to defer, we'll use that as credit for the following month, and you will not be billed for the following month.

Cancellation Policy

We'd hate to see you go! If you'd like to cancel your subscription, we'd love to hear from you where the experience did not meet your needs or expectations. Additionally, if you were auto-billed but would like to cancel your subscription, a refund will be processed.

For the first 3 months: $8 cancellation fee

Beyond the first 3 months: No cancellation fee

Upgrades and Downgrades:

If you'd like to upgrade from a lower pint plan to a higher one at any point, we simply will update your subscription on our end, send over an updated invoice to pay the difference, and continue your subscription.

For downgrades, we will similarly update your subscription on our end, and send an updated invoice to continue your subscription. If you have already been auto-billed, we will use that payment as credit for the following month, and then continue your subscription on the lower pint plan.

Payment Methods 

- Credit / Debit Cards
- Venmo (for individual pint orders)

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