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Whether it's a big wedding, your kid's birthday, or anything in between, Ice Cream is the perfect dessert for any occasion

ice cream catering

Ain't nothin but a parle g thang baby!

Miss Neeta's as a standalone product is amazing. Pairing it with our wedding made it one of the highlights of the day. We love all of the flavors they offer and they really brought a lot of nostalgia to us and our guests. We love them so much that we actually ate Miss Neeta's on the altar as our exchange of prasad. Sanket and his team really elevated our wedding day with his amazing ice cream and we will definitely use them again for future events along with anniversaries :)


Gaurav N.

Catering Packages

Personal Mini Pints:

1 mini-pint per guest (1 - 1.5 scoop serving). Perfect for wedding events, picnics, baby showers, birthday parties, and corporate events.

Sampler Cups:

2-3 sampler cups (1-1.5 scoops) per guest. Perfect if you want to include 1 - 2 other desserts in your menu for the event. Ice cream pairs very well with anything! Choose a few flavors for your guests, and they can grab & go from the dessert tables.

We'd love to serve ice cream at your event!
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