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Our Story

Miss Neeta's Ice Cream Parlor is an ice cream catering and  subscription service inspired by the founder's mom, a preschool teacher whose students call her Miss Neeta, and his childhood idol Sachin Tendulkar, the greatest cricket player of all time.

Your classroom has ice cream parties once a year...we have 'em every day. Take a seat; let's eat!

History Lesson

If the community called your mom the Dessert Queen, and if she kept the house perpetually stocked up with her homemade brownies, fresh breads, Rabdi, Kulfi, and of course, her famous ice cream cakes, what would you do? Sanket, the founder of Miss Neeta's, did what anybody else would — he started an ice cream parlor in her name. In a nutshell, his childhood was a combination of eating mounds of ice cream while watching Sachin Tendulkar play cricket for India, the legend who is a living example of chasing your dreams with hard work, passion, and above all, humility and respect. It was pretty much inevitable that he'd put those two together, and now we have Miss Neeta's Ice Cream Parlor!

Classroom Rules

We Do It For You

We absolutely love ice cream, but our favorite aspects of serving it are hearing from you when you enjoy it, and recognizing what you want to try next. In fact, many of our flavors are inspired by requests and ideas from our customers, which we take back to the lab to concoct the next creamy delight.

We Enjoy Creativity

If you can think of a more fun challenge than putting together different ingredients, mixes, sauces, and toppings to assemble an amazing ice cream flavor, let us know! We are constantly thinking outside the box to envision, experiment, and finally produce unique flavors for you to enjoy.

At the core, we are perfectionists who simply can't stand to serve anything but a beautiful pint to you. Every one of our pints is handcrafted and packaged through a process that is continuously being refined, so that we can provide an unforgettable ice cream experience for you. There's no such thing as perfect, but there is striving for it.

We Prioritize Quality

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