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Our Flavors

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For Your Crush​

StrawBarry Cheesecake 🌟

Our original cheesecake ice cream, sweet strawberry sauce, and crunchy graham crackers knock this flavor way out of the park - Barry Bonds style.

Big Brownie Brand

This one's for the chocolate lovers who like a little bit of razzle dazzle in their lives. Decadent chocolate ice cream, plus globs of Ghiradelli brownies, topped off with our red raspberry sauce. That's ridiculous.

Hot Cocoa 'n Chill

Our decadent, rich cocoa, combined with chewy, fluffy marshmallows, is the perfect complement to your Netflix 'n Chill this Friday evening.

Coming Soon

Our first Vegan Flavor!

Teacher's Pets

*Thiccer Than a Snicker

Vanilla ice cream, real Snickers chunks and our Signature Snickers Sauce - homemade fudge twisted together with homemade caramel and tiny chopped peanuts. That's thicc.

*Professor McNutty 👌🏽

Our Macadamia nuts live by a motto: lightly buttered, perfectly toasted. Give your palette the sweet and salty crunch it needs.

CnC+ 🌟

Take everything you know about Cookies 'n' Cream…and turn it up a notch. Our take on the all time classic - Oreos ingrained in rich, creamy vanilla, along with crumbled Hershey’s Cookies 'n' Cream bites. Whoa.

Mocha Express

This fan favorite features fresh espresso for the kick you need, a hint of chocolate for the sweet you need, and just enough crunch to take you to the next bite. Seriously, try it.

What the Fudge

You won’t know what the fudge just hit you. Chocolate ice cream comin’ from the left, vanilla from the right, some cookie dough in the middle, and don’t forget the homemade fudge.

DaScoopComposer 👌🏽

This flavor will have your taste buds playing some Groovy tunes, in our celebratory remix of Cookie Monster x Birthday Cake Ice Cream. Ship it.

What's DaScoop? Our First Blog

CnC Cheesecake

A blend of our top 2 sellers through our first year in business: we put our original cheesecake ice cream together with the crunchiest combo of Oreos and graham crackers to give you, CnC Cheesecake.

International Students


Jalebi Baby

Our first ice cream sandwich: two spiraled donuts (Jalebi), fried to perfection so they’re crispy outside and chewy inside, then dipped in a sugary syrup; along with a soft, creamy slab of Indian style kulfi ice cream frozen between the two Jalebis.

Nothin’ but a Parle G Thing 👌🏽

This traditional chai flavor, paired with the perfect tea time biscuit, creates a comforting and familiar combo that leaves you reminiscing about the motherland.

Million Dollar Mango 🌟

This sweet, tropical, and perfectly creamy mango flavor will have you feeling like a million bucks.

Falooda World

Straight from the vault of treats that earned Miss Neeta her nickname, the "Dessert Queen", we're bringing you a traditional dairy dessert (Kulfi), topped with thin noodles (Falooda) that were dipped in rose syrup (Rooh Afza), all put together in a smooth, creamy scoop of Diwali Heaven.

A Karamchandani Diwali (Blog)


Just like Steph, our Most Valuable Pistachios lift this Indian style kulfi flavor straight to the championship.

*Top Notch Butterscotch

This Indian-American fusion flavor combines bits of cashew & almond pralines with our thick butterscotch sauce drizzled throughout, for a sweet crunch in every bite. Creamy, crunchy, sweet 'n saucy.

🌟 = Most popular

👌🏽 = Chef's picks

*Starred ice cream flavors contain nuts

At Miss Neeta's, we make all of our ice creams without using eggs. However, some of the flavors include toppings containing egg products: What the Fudge, Mocha Express, Thiccer Than a Snicker, Big Brownie Brand, and Hot Cocoa 'n Chill contain 2 percent or less by weight of eggs.

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